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您好: according to 後面可以接「某個人」或「某件事」,表示「根據某個人說 / 的意見」或「根據某件事」 如果後面是加「人」的話,要用主格,因此沒有 according to me 這種用法。 同時,也很少有人會用 According to I 這種用法,如果是要表示「根據我的意見」,通常會用 …
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a ccording to 的用法說明 用作介詞 prep. 按照,根據 : According to the law, you must stop at a red light. 依照法律,遇到紅燈必須停車。 When (it is) taken according to the instructions, the drug has no side effects. 若按說明服用,本藥無任何副作用。 【常用
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according to (【片語】根據 )意思,用法及發音
According to a source there, the company still plans to sell off its publishing division. 根據那裡的消息來源,公司仍然計畫要賣掉其出版部門。According to the sign, we are not allowed to take pictures here. According to the statement, payment is overdue

常聽到”According to me”原來是錯的!錯誤率超高的According用法 …

(X)According to me, it is a very sound investment. (X)According to my opinion, it is a very sound investment. (O)In my opinion, it is a very sound investment. According這個字看起來簡單,錯誤率卻很高。再來看以下例子: 這本書是根據一個真實故事寫
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根據:“According to”和“in accordance with”的區別

According to recent government statistics, unemployment has risen from 3% to 5% over the last 12 months. 這是因為,“according to / in accordance with”從句結束位置和主句的開始位置往往不清楚。請看一下下面這個例子:

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according to 用法寶典 一,基本用法 主要用來表示“根據”某學說,某書刊,某文件,某人所說等或表示“按照”某法律,某規定,某慣例,某情況等。如: According to the radio, it …
According to . and, Or else.. are less formal. Each of them has the same level of politeness, but they they have different registers, a level of formality which relates to the situation. Register is very difficult to master and is the principal problem in learning english but you can communicate effectively without it.
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according toの意味と使い方(例文付き)
ニュースにも頻出の表現according toは大きく2つの意味があります。1つは「~によれば,~によると」といった感じで情報源などを表すための使い方です。もう1つが「~に従って」といった意味で,ルールや規則などに従っている,準じている場合に使うことができます。
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15/10/2008 · Use “according to” when you confuse them, meaning (AS STATED BY):-)according to (AS STATED BY) prepositionAccording to Sarah they’re not getting on very well at the moment. According to our records you owe us $130.—- …
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【因為英文】due to,because of 哪裡不一樣 ? 千萬別搞錯,正確用法 …

3. because of 和 due to 到底哪裡不一樣? 綜合上述,because of 和 due to 兩者雖然都是介係詞,但是他們的用法卻有很明顯的差異,因此是不可以隨便替換的! 因此想要分辨兩者的用法,首先得先確認「主句的動詞」: 1. 當句子的主動詞不是 be動詞,而是一般常見的普通動詞時,我們要使用 because of,此時


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